"I moved to Santa Fe in the Fall of 2005 and while living at Quail Run I met Susan Berk. She invited me to a luncheon to meet a "few" of her friends. When I arrived, I was surprised and delighted to be joined by thirty-seven of Susan's friends. One of these amazing women was Susan F. Wells of IronStone Bank, and it didn't take long for the two Susans and me to come up with the same idea: "We have a networking group!". So this is how the group began and it has become a wonderful catalyst for making new friends and business connections. There are now over four hundred dynamic women on our mailing list." - Diana Pace

Women of Santa Fe Networking Group Past Board Members

This volunteer networking group, started in 2005, has grown and evolved over the years. We wish to acknowledge the past WoSFNG board members for their dedication & volunteer effort. Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Susan Wells

Val Romero

Diana Pace

Dianne McKenzie

Erika Yocom

Lauren Sato